Executive Team


Experience and Technology

The Stolle management team has a collective experience that reaches across the industry and the globe.? From previous experience in managing global relationships, technology and finance, they are well positioned to help continue the leadership of Stolle internally as well as internationally. ?With a focus on technology and a dedication to continuing Stolle's globalization, each team member brings an invaluable perspective to the company.? These experiences blend seamlessly into a vision for the future that include the highest levels of customer satisfaction and the development of revolutionary new technologies that will advance the industry.


Gus Reall
Chief Executive Officer


Gus Reall is the Chief Executive Officer of Centennial, CO based Stolle Machinery Co., LLC, a global market leader in the provision of high technology capital equipment and services to the beverage, food, and consumer container industries. His long career in the can manufacturing industry affords a unique range of experience and relationships that are respected throughout the metal container industry.

Mr. Reall first entered the can machinery industry in 1983 as an engineer with National Standard Company’s Wagner Litho Division in the three-piece can business. In 1988 he left to join Sequa Can Machinery where he served in various senior management positions in engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing. In 1998 Mr. Reall was named President and General Manager of Sequa Can Machinery and was subsequently promoted to Corporate Vice President and company officer of the Sequa Corporation. Additionally, he served as a director of subsidiary corporations in both the United Kingdom and Brazil.

Following the 2004 merger of Sequa Can Machinery and Stolle Machinery Company, LLC, Reall assumed the position of President of the Stolle Machinery Company’s CMD Division.

A graduate of both Union College in Schenectady, NY and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, Mr. Reall holds a BSME and an MBA. He is also on the Advisory Board for the Brewing Operations and Supply Chain Education Program at Colorado State University.


Robert Gary
Chief Commercial Officer

Ian Scholey
Chief Technology Officer

Katherine LaMontagne
Vice President -
Human Resources & EHS

Stewart Fort
Managing Director -
Stolle EMS Group


Rodrigo Pizani
Executive Vice President -

Michael Larson
Chief Operations Officer -
U.S. Operations

Steve Higginson
Executive Vice President -
Stolle Europe / Asia Pacific Group

Francisco Escudeiro
Managing Director -
Stolle Brazil




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