Line Solutions


Line Solutions

Line Integration with a guarantee

At Stolle, our solutions are driven by your goals and our depth of experience. Whether you need a can or end line, DWI or DRD, high or low volume, starting with bare dirt, an empty room or an existing facility, we can find the best solution for you.

Because we make sure all subsystems and components harmonize perfectly, we achieve the best results on every project.

  • Project management
  • Equipment specifications
  • Product specifications with tooling design
  • Material Specifications
  • Line layout for effective production
  • Mechanical & electrical systems design
  • Building schematic design
  • Business plan, feasibility study
  • Equipment and ancillary procurement
  • Equipment acceptance, buy off criteria
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training
  • Engineering support
  • Technical assistance
  • Plant key performance indicators
  • Guaranteed performance!

Stolle will accept single-source project responsibility for any or all aspects that you require, from high level supplier negotiations to supplying the latest proven technologies - all with no risk since our performance is guaranteed.? We operate with a high level of project transparency so that you can monitor progress with clear interfaces.

Many members of the Stolle Systems team are former can plant employee with years of experience on the floor.? There is no short cut or substitute for this experience, so you know that best people possible are helping you reach your production and commercial objectives to allow you to achieve a fast return on your investment.

Line Relocations

Stolle is occasionally requested to relocate and/or upgrade older generation can and end lines, which includes restoring the line’s full productivity and profitability potential. Our experience over the last 30 years enables us to understand the limitations of older technology and help decide if it will do what you need it to do to get the best performance.? Stolle has solutions that range from changing the whole line, to individual pieces of equipment that are removed, refurbished, re-installed and commissioned.

Even if your lines and plant are designed to meet the current targeted can volume, we'll help you assess future needs so that the proper criteria are designed into the project to ensure your success in the years to come.

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