Metal Package Design


Cost Effective Custom Solutions

Some customers come to us needing a new package design.? Others approach us to look for a solution that will elevate an existing design to a new level.? Stolle Systems' engineers and technicians work to design the metal container and/or easy open end that will enhance your product’s consumer appeal while being cost effective to produce.? We calculate all the variables within the can design and perform all manufacturing processes to meet your needs for performance at a competitive cost and match leading metal economics.?

Once the package design is confirmed, we can assist you with the production process, from upgraded tooling to a complete can or end line layout.? Additionally, we often consult with customers on issues such as:

  • Raw material recommendations (type and supplier)
  • Can or end light weighting
  • Size changes
  • Material conversion
  • Print support
  • Cost saving assessment
  • Training

as well as other issues related to metal packaging design.

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