Stolle Europe



Region Overview

Stolle Europe

Stolle Europe serves beverage and food canmakers throughout continental Europe, the British Isles, the Middle East and Africa. ?Stolle Europe serves as a regional hub for genuine Stolle OEM parts, field service and complete technical support for can and end lines. They also feature machining and assembly facilities for rebuilds and refurbishment of many types of production equipment.

In addition, Stolle Europe is also the global headquarters of?Stolle Systems Group, providing turnkey construction as well as relocation or upgrades of whole can and end lines. Additionally, this group offers a complete range of process consulting and packaging design.?To learn more about Stolle Systems Group, click?here.

Stolle Europe is a member of the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (MPMA). MPMA is a member of the EMPAC (European Metal Packaging) which represents the metal packaging industry in all countries of the European Union.

In addition to full OEM support of all Stolle equipment, Stolle Europe also provides support for other major can machinery suppliers, including:

Intralox? |? Sandvik? |? Datum? |? Applied Vision? |? Belvac? |? Nordson


Above-Left:? Stolle Europe facility in Carlisle, UK
Above:? Cupping die set rebuilding
Left:? Engineering for Stolle Global Systems
Below:? Extensive spare parts warehouse

Stolle EMS Group

Located in Altham, UK, the Stolle EMS Group produces a complete line of efficient Stolle washers, dryers, ovens, as well as coolant filtration systems for bodymakers. ?EMS also has a second production facility in Gliwice, Poland and a full machining operation in Burnley, UK.

From their large, modern production facilities, the EMS Group designs, develops and constructs a wide variety of energy efficient configurations of the product line, all fabricated to meet customer requirements.


Above-Left:? EMS Group facility in Altham, UK
Above:? Coolant filtration system under construction
Left:? Stolle DecoCure pin oven
Below:? Well equipped facilities for large assembly


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