Stolle Latin America


Latin America

Region Overview

Since 1998, Stolle has had a major presence throughout South and Central America to support the rapidly expanding packaging industry from Mexico to Argentina.? From fisheries on the coast that wanted to make and fill their own cans, to established canmakers seeking the highest speed and quality in the world, Stolle has provided metal packaging solutions for every need.? By building on decades of service to the Latin American market, to bring our products and services more rapidly and economically to these critical markets, Stolle has invested heavily to establish a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility centrally located in Brazil.? With offices and agents located throughout the Latin American market, Stolle is constantly increasing its presence to better serve our customers and their markets


Plant Overview

The main Stolle Brazil facility is a full-service Contract Logistics Center (CLC) strategically located in Indaiatuba, neighbor to the most important Brazilian Cargo Airport in Campinas and near the city of S?o Paulo. The 24,000 sq.ft. building houses management offices, a climate-controlled fully-equipped machine shop, an electronics lab, a climate-controlled quality control lab, a large machine assembly and rebuild area, and warehouse space for spare parts and machine components. A team of over 100 professionals works out of this facility, including manufacturing, administration, shipping and support staff.? Like all of Stolle's main North America manufacturing facilities, the Stolle Brazil CLC is ISO 9001 certified and will soon be ISO 14000 certified.

In addition to our CLC in Indaiatuba, Stolle Brazil has sales and service facilities strategically located near major end-making facilities in Manaus, Amazonas. Our Indaiatuba and Manaus facilities have responsive and knowledgeable service technicians to keep our customers’ can and end lines in production.

To better serve Latin American canmakers, Stolle Brazil also stocks parts for and services equipment from Belvac and Sencon equipment, including their neckers and light testers. We also have an exclusive agreement with TRAC Measurement Systems to support their can and end testing and inspection equipment.

Above:? Sao Paulo at night
Above-Right:? Preferred Liner with electronic guns
Right:? Electronics lab for control systems and calibration of machines
Below:? Assembly area before fall 2011 expansion
Below-Right:? Machine shop with latest tools to maintain high quality at competitive prices

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