Stolle Systems


What Do You Need?

Whether you need a new container designed, an analysis of your existing line, or whether you just have a parcel of land and a dream, the Stolle Systems group can provide the right solution to achieve your goal.? Our metal packaging solutions include can and end design services, tooling design, production process consulting or complete turnkey projects.

And with the acquisition of the respected British firm CCH Engineering Ltd. in 2010, Stolle gained personnel with a combined experience of over 500 years in can and end plant engineering and optimization.? Teaming the experience of Stolle in machine and tooling design and CCH in process solutions gives customers superior technology, service and support anywhere in the world.?

Many of the Stolle Systems team members are former can plant employees.? This practical experience, combined with engineering excellence and an adherence to using manufacturing best practices (we use LEAN manufacturing processes) offers our customers total flexibility, superior services and technical expertise - all delivered with the passion and motivation to solve any problem.

Stolle Machinery has the right solution for you.??

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