Recycle, Reuse, Reward

Today’s consumers, particularly younger ones, are increasingly redefining their purchases to factor in knowledge about recyclability.?? Of all the choices on the market, aluminum containers rank near the top for ease of recyclability and reuse numbers.? Unlike glass or plastics, aluminum containers can be recycled over and over again.? It is stated that the average can, after recycling, will be back on a store shelf in as little as 60 days as a new container.? And recycled aluminum is estimated to save anywhere from 75%-95% of the energy costs of making aluminum from virgin materials.

Stolle systems are designed to produce more aluminum containers and components, at a faster pace and more economically, than any other machinery manufacturer in the world.?? Less metal, less waste, less loss.? Contact Stolle today and find out what solutions they have for you to take advantage of this important consumer preference.

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